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Get a Rebate Real Estate saves you money whether Selling and/or Buying (including building new construction), Period!

For example, buy or build a $400,000 house and your rebate could be $2,700! (based on a 2.7% payout and a 25% rebate) Use the rebate toward your closing costs and prepaids, or as directed by your lender. Restrictions do apply and we do need to get your lender's approval to issue the rebate. This is free money you get for not doing anything different! We take care of all the details and working with your lender.

All selling rebates are instant discounts to the listing fee and no lender approval is needed. For more details, please see Selling, Buying and/or Building.
Rebate and Savings Chart 
The buying or building side rebate comes from the commission being paid by the seller or builder. It costs you nothing to work with an Agent and you get a rebate when working with us! The Selling side rebate is an instant credit/discount to the listing commission sellers pay when selling. Your lender must approve of the rebate when buying or building and if you need to find a lender that will allow the rebate on the settlement statement, we can help with that as well. We will work directly with your lender, there's nothing different or special you would need to do. We have been offering rebates for over 15 years now and we changed our name to Get a Rebate Real Estate in 2009 to reflect our commitment and dedication to helping buyers and sellers save money.
Get a Rebate Real Estate, lakeville, MN
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Fun Facts:
  • Real Estate commission is 100% negotiable.
  • The seller or builder nearly always pays the agent working with the buyer their commission.
  • By going to the seller or builder directly and not having an Agent on your side does not typically save you any money, i.e. commission, the other agent just gets all of the commission and is in a Dual Agency situation. Why not have an Agent on your side and get a rebate?
  • Rebates are allowed in 40 states, including Minnesota.
  • The seller and the buyer typically each have a title company they work with, and typically, closing takes place at the Buyer's title company.
  • The market is the market, why pay a higher fee to someone else when the market ultimately decides when a property sells and at what price.
  • Most buyers can see a max of 8 homes in one day before the home's features start blending together.
  • The builder pays your agent when you bring in an agent to the builder. It's best to have that agent with you on your initial visit to the builder. Agents sell the majority of new construction, so builders are glad to work with agents and almost always have a commission built into the price.
  • When an agent lists a home for sale on the MLS, they must note the agreed upon commission being paid out to the agent that brings in the buyer. Every single listing has this percentage noted for all agents to see.
  • It typically doesn't cost a buyer any out of pocket cost to work with an agent.
  • It typically doesn't cost a seller any out of pocket cost to list their home for sale with an agent. The commission doesn't kick in until once the property is sold. The commission is paid at closing and part of the settlement statement (Closing Disclosure).
  • If you are a buyer and go directly to the listing agent to buy a home, you create what is called Dual Agency. Dual Agency is when an agent "represents both parties" but technically becomes a neutral and represents neither party. In Dual Agency, the entire commission is paid to the listing agent's brokerage, vs. being split between the listing agent and the agent working with the Buyer.
  • A "short sale" is when the sales price isn't high enough to pay off the mortgage(s) and all costs to sell... the money is "short".Minnesota has up to a 6 month redemption period (sometimes longer) for those going through foreclosure. After the Sheriff's Sale is complete, the owner still has ownership in the property and can redeem/catch up with the lender and prevent the home from being foreclosed upon.A "HUD" home is a home where the owner had an FHA mortgage on the property and the property was foreclosed upon.
  • All Minnesota Real Estate Agents must be licensed under a licensed Minnesota Real Estate Broker.
  • Most agents set up showing appointments for a one hour time frame to allow for driving time and seeing other properties, and probably spend a total of 15 minutes or less in each home.
  • Sites like Zillow and other similar sites charge real estate agents a lot of money to be the "preferred" agent... keep in mind that this agent is whoever was willing to pay the highest fee to the website and not necessarily the best agent for you. Zillow and Trulia are marketing companies, not real estate companies, and their data is often incorrect and/or out dated. It's best to work with a real estate company for the most up to date listings and data.
  • Selling, Buying and/or Building should be fun and exciting
Why work with me?
  • Experience. I have been a real estate agent since 1997 and a real estate broker since 1999. I have mortgage experience as well and have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Management.
  • Knowledge of the market. I have sold over 80 million dollars of real estate in the Twin Cities area. Most in Dakota, Scott, and Hennepin Counties, however, my business is mainly referral so I go where it takes me.
  • Honesty and Integrity. I promise that I will not hard sell you into a property you do not want to buy. Buying or building a home should be fun and when you move in, you should be happy. That's important to me! You work with the boss. I won't pawn you off onto some new agent, you work directly with me! I take my job very seriously and will do everything I can to make your experience a pleasant one.
  • No junk fees. I have no admin fees, no up front fees, and no other added on junk fees. Saving you even more! Just these fees alone can add up to hundreds and even into the thousands of dollars!
  • Easy out. I offer an easy out of any contract I have with you. Sometimes personalities clash and things just don't work out. Let's not beat around the bush about it, let's talk about it and see what we can do about fixing it!
  • Award winning service. I have been honored to be chosen as a Super Real Estate Agent by Twin Cities Business and Mpls St Paul Magazines. I have been in the top 5% of all MN Realtors for the most properties sold, and, the highest value of property sold. I am one of less than 3% off all Realtors Nationwide, to hold a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation. And I hold the highest level of licensing available, a real estate broker.
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Did You Know? All commission is nearly always paid by the seller or the builder. It is almost always split 4 ways (see chart below), the listing brokerage who then splits it with the agent that listed the property, the selling brokerage, who then splits it with the agent that brought in the buyer to the transaction. At Get a Rebate Real Estate, the rebate comes from the commission. If you are buying or building, the commission is already factored into the price and if you go directly to the listing agent or builder, you put yourself into a Dual Agency situation and then that same broker or builder now splits the total commission by 2, not 4. Don't give up total representation and the ability to get a rebate of part of the commission, contact David Prouty today!
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CRS, David Prouty, Lakeville, MN
Prouty is one of less than 3% of all Realtors nationwide, to earn/hold the Certified Residential Specialist designation. Prouty has also been named Super Real Estate Agent by Twin Cities Business and MPLS ST PAUL Magazines and has been in the top 5% of all Minnesota Realtors for the most properties sold and the highest value of properties sold in Minnesota. He is a real estate broker which is the top licensing available in real estate and he holds a BS in Marketing and Management.
David Prouty, Realtor, Broker, CRS, GRI, ePro, Realtor, 612-860-1537 or email David@DavidProuty.com
 Get a Rebate Real Estate, lakeville, MN
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