Why Work With Us?

Why work with us?

Here is a summary of why you should work with us.
* We save you money.
* You get a Rebate when you Buy using us as your agent.
* You get a Rebate when you Build using us as your agent .
* We charge less than most of the large brokerages to sell your home, and we have unique steps and marketing agenda that no one else has.
* We do not charge any extra junk fees, admin fees, etc.  Saving you several more hundred dollars vs. any other brokerage.
* You work with an award winning company and agent, you are not pawned off to some new agent that doesn't know what they are doing.
* We are flexible, make logical decisions quickly and we promise we will work hard on your behalf, after all, we don't get paid unless your home sells or you buy a home, we have the same goals and we will make your experience a great one, guaranteed!